Ohio Masonic Home Gold Card

Each of the following brothers has donated $100.00 or more to the Ohio Masonic Home:

*Brother Lewis E. Albright

Brother Thomas H. Alliman, Sr.

WB James M. Baum

Brother Vernal Below

*Brother Samuel W. Boardman

*Brother Cameron Bridgman

*Brother Richard A. Brown

Brother Virgil N. Bryan

*WB Edsel W. Burkholder

*Brother Carl Cardosy

*Brother William F. Clark

Brother Donald G. Claus

*Brother Ernest E. Cottrell

*Brother Paul A. David

Brother James M. Davis

RWB Edward L. Draper

*Brother Willard S. Draper

RWB Michael W. Driver

WB Wayne G. Duez

Brother Randall J. Duke

*Brother Claire C. Dunn

*WB Alvin W. Felbinger

Brother Jeffrey B. Ford

Brother John S. Fowler

*RWB Donald R. Gardner

WB Leo E. Garey

*Brother Herman Gerkensmeyer

Brother John C. Gregory

*Brother Dale F. Grove

WB Douglas A. Habegger

Brother Wayne F. Hamilton

*Brother Eugene D. Harsanje

Brother Lowell L. Hartman

*Brother Lester M. Henningsen

Brother Charles F. Henton

Brother Harry W. Hepner, Jr.

*Brother Frank J. Hlubik

Brother Thomas H. Hodges

Brother Robert M. Hunter

*Brother Robert D. Huss

*Brother Theodore G. Huss

*Brother William E. Iman, Jr.

*Brother Johnson M. Irwin

*Brother Edwin J. Johnson

*Brother Richard T. Knott

*Brother Clifton Koch

*Brother Joseph M. Latham

Brother Bruce C. Lind

*WB Theodore K. Lorenzen

Brother James S. Lowery

Brother Brandon R. Macklenar

*WB Glenn A. Marsh

Brother Alvin P. McCallum

Brother Phillip A. McConnell

*Brother Jack H. Messimore

*Brother Alton C. Moritz

MWB Charles R. Murphy

Brother Price H. Murphy

Brother William H. Myers

*Brother Ralph F. Nissen

*Brother Raymond R. Perry

Brother Roger L. Perry

Brother Jason I. Pratt

*Brother Harry Reuss

WB Donald L. Ruthsatz, Sr.

Brother John C. Ruthsatz

*Brother James O. Scaggs

Brother Henry G. Schmidlin

Brother Larry G. Seeger

Brother Douglas R. Shank

*Brother James E. Sheahan

WB John P. Sigurdson

*Brother Harry A. Spencer

WB Ronald A. Spencer

WB Robert W. Spurgeon

*WB Spencer J. Stewart

*Brother James C. Taylor

Brother Jeffrey A. Taylor

*Brother Raymond A. Tefft

Brother Timothy L. Timmons

*Brother John R. Todd

Brother Michael A. Toneff

Brother Dennis M. Traver

*Brother Dale C. Wax

*WB John F. Werner

*Brother Richard B. Weyandt

*Brother Robert E. Wright

*Brother Russell E. Yackee

*Brother William F. Zunk


*Denotes deceased. Rest in peace.